Nothing is Permanent in this World , Not even our Troubles.

Nothing is Permanent in this World , Not even our Troubles

We have been through a lot of variation in our life, most things that we wanted when we were young have turned out differently and we never able to accomplish it or even experienced it .
Cling to things at that moment but it is no longer there, we must accept and tolerate with it, because that's life .
Everyone has their own perspective about life but nothing is permanent.
Every thing in life is only temporary and if anything which stay for a long time, we think it is permanent and never can go out of our life.
But that is only an illusion and dream in our mind because things will not stay there forever, they will still disappear eventually.
Enjoy every moment in life with full of fun , because they are only a temporary even though we do not think so, but when we look back from our life , we have to admit that it is the truth.
When we are back to the place where we used to live on our young ages, we will find out that everything has changed and even worse that some things are no longer there.
So we awake from our dream now and think very carefully to accept that everything is only temporary and present is the gift for us, so we must enjoy it .
Everything will eventually disappear from our life and the older we get the more things disappears.
We should give ourselves a chance to make the turnaround by seeing and understand it.
Be happy with the moment that we have with good relationships and thus can laugh happily with joy and pull through the best to appreciate it.
Everyone has their problems but that are only temporary, because we are committed to resolve them and how more positive we are, the sooner we can solve them, if we get in panic we will make the matter worse because there will be no solution for us.
We can attach ourselves to the good experiences and times in our life but that is a definition of time periods not something the most consistently.
Our life has been alternating with good and best moment or bad and worst times but nothing was permanent.
Live with joy and love in all the given moment , because it will not be permanent and will disappear without peace.
Enjoy from every moment now with the awareness that every fun we have will only be there temporary.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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