A Life without Flaw will be Imperfect.

A Life without Flaw will be Imperfect

Everyone wants a perfect life, but that is impossible, so the best is we appreciate and respect life as well as satisfy with what we have and the experience we've gained.
But things will never go perfectly, it only happen sporadically and perfection will always be accompanied by flaws and problems.
We learned everything by "trial and errors" and we must accept it in order to have a balanced life and perfect feel for us.
Nobody is perfect or having the perfection, but if we are satisfied, we can feel so.
Making mistakes is a healthy thing which we can learn from it differently each time
To question things and not to do is the weakness and unwise, because if we want to learn, we need to experience it first to make a start.
We shouldn't be afraid of insignificant lost of time and we must make sure that we do not place it in our life.
But when we sure that should be a part of our life, it's no problem to begin with mistakes and then to improve it with our experience.
Then its give ourselves a chance to persevere and the first step to go, so we have experienced a new adventure to make our decision either to move further on or to stop.
And if we want, we will have to going through several challenges which makes our life won't be boring.
An entire life without flaw is something which cannot be guaranteed.
To have a perfect life and create a perfection, we must learn from our mistakes and improve them so we can perform to be as perfect as possible.
A life without flaw will be imperfect and everyone who hears that there are no mistakes will be surprised and never believe this, because that is something nearly impossible.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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