Our attitude towards others is a very important phenomenon in life.
The ways how we use and deliver our intelligence to others.
Our daily life is being classified and looks through by other people's eyes and listening ears.
The life give us a truth meaning when we can adapt our own behavior and financial wealth.
We will either exaggerate that or we want a standard existence and satisfy with the current situation we have now.
Want to show off our situation and possessions to others or to realize the important of living as a hermit with what we have now.
We are an adventurer who like to do extreme things that others do not dare and this may caused us to be in a center of attraction for other.
With a particular interest in something, we excel them as one of the best in the world so others are interested to know us.
When our name are being shown up in the newspapers or other media with some reason or because of our lifestyle than it is almost impossible to get no reputation.
A good reputation is very important and an excellent showcase to get exposure.
It is a business card for ourselves in many places and areas because its give benefits and opens the doors of fame and popularity with a good name.
This will attract businessmen, friends, followers, customers, fans, groupies, investors, sponsors and more people to be interested in us.
A reputation has a lots of advantages and disadvantages and is not always based on truth because of jealousy and gossip from others can changed that but we can also be a famous person by our true identity.
This can bring benefits but also disadvantages, its all depends on what the word tells.
But time will tell everything to everybody, a reputation often will not last for lifelong; except for the superstars and heroes which their name will still be remembered by mankind even long after their deaths.
Unfortunately, people with a very bad reputation will also be remembered by many even though they are already a history, but people still will continue to speak bad about them,
But a good reputation is definitely an assurance and guarantee for the bright future.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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