Increasingly we all have seen people lose control and been through the whole worst process thus create a bigger problem in the society.
This is mainly due to the economic crisis and the poor living conditions of the populations.
More and more legal rules has been enforced and all the expenses are getting higher versus the earnings this causing frustration and annoyance.
People are becoming more nervous and do not see any progress which increase the stresses thus things can be getting out of hand.
The crime rate is increasing and in most cases the law is powerless that causing bad examples are given without punishments where there is no solutions which can affect others to follow the same act.
But we must keep the clear thinking in our own state of mind and not let emotions take over us in order to maintain the peace.
We just have to think like a philosopher with a clear mind, to calm down ourselves by using the love and wisdom we have.
Concentrate our thoughts in a state of mind with inner peace and without emotion, because that is going to disturb our attitude and character.
We should stablised the inner peace and tranquility in our body, and do not make us worry about things which we cannot control or to have influences.
If there is something that we can not change or improve, because we have no knowledge or power for it, then it's better no to lost our energy or affecting our bad mood.
When we want to improve the world with peace, then we should take a deep breath and start to think that we can only change ourselves and just hope others will follow us.
So we do not lose control of serenity and inner strength to things that excite us emotionally because we can never change it.
A clear mind gives serenity peace and tranquility for our body and soul.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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