Life is Too Short to Worry for what Others Think about us.

Life is Too Short to Worry for what Others Think about us

Everyone has a period of life when we concern about how and what others think for us.
But the more important is we know ourselves who we are, because no one pay for our expenses and there are only a few people who show their compassion to us when things goes bad, but even less people who are willing to help us.
So if we keep thinking on what others think about us then we will not have time for our own life.
Another can make us happy but we must first agree this by ourselves, so in fact we can bring the happiness for our own.
It is also impossible to please everyone, so we should do what we think is right.
We will have to determine what is the best for ourselves so we can have good feeling about it.
If we do not go for our own happiness, then there will be no benefit from it, because when ourselves are not happy then how we want it to share it with others.
And others will always have something to say about us but they have to first look at themselves before judge on others.
"Every house has its trial" so its certainly will affect their life too.
Nobody's life is perfect but we can look up the happiness by doing what brings pleasure and peace for ourselves.
Then we can be self-satisfied with a joyful feeling.
Let others talk, but life is too short to lose our attention and energy for others because this will never give us inner peace.
Every time we breathe, we know that we wil no harm others and will only attempt for the best to improve the world.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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