We Will not Find Happiness if we Keeps on Complaining.

We Will not Find Happiness if we Keeps on Complaining
Everyone knows that all is not well with the current economy in the world because the expenses are increased and all we need to do is take a step back. But that is a global financial picture and should really give no influence to our feeling, because if we are creative enough with a positive attitude we can have a very happy life even with less money. We just have to adapt to any situation with our own primitive act and so we can collect the happiness with our positive energy . Do not think negative and start complaining because it will not change the situation but only disturb our inner peace. It will create a false indication in our life given by our bad attitudes which are totally wrong. We must continue to just relax and work on changes to have the solution for a better living facilities but should not complain. Also there is a saying "Help-Rejecting complainer",  so complain also won't help us to move forward, but further towards others. It is better to make positive changes to our life if we are not satisfied with our situation and it will be a wise decision and a good example for others. Let the people do not think of we always complains but let them read the joy of our face and that we are satisfied with the living conditions in which we find ourselves now. Works for a better life without complaining then happiness will make place for our living with joy and a bright future.
I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen
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