Forget Some People from the Past can Improve on Our Future.

Forget Some People from the Past can Improve on Our Future

Every person has their own personality and attitude in various ways.
That first encounters give the impression of someone so everyone are trying to put their best foot in front to attract interest from as many people as possible.
During the first meeting, we get a lot of laughs and spoken in good conversations with a substantive story, because everyone is curious what the other does in their daily life.
After our meet up, we know whether we have the same interest and think about what the intentions of our meetings.
It will be an awesome experience or there were multiple insight on life with differences of view on several things.
But at least we have been through so many experiences after several meeting, so we are able to decide whether it is wise to continue the relationship.
Or terminate it, and everyone goes on their own direction because the continuation of this relationship is only a false hope.
Sometime we have a few bad moment with fight talks together but because of our feeling, we can be together again by the inner love.
A good estimation on our relationship is not an easy task, because sometimes the mind says no but our heart tell yes, the final winner is always going to be our heart!
At that moment, we can let the force majeure with our feelings and take a wise decision because our mind think bigger than that.
A final decision which we decided not to go back to someone and if we really make it permanent then it will give us the best results.
Wave goodbye to some person from our past who does not belong to our future give us the chance of a change of fortune to a better life.
Unfortunately, not every change will leading to an improvement but it will not be more deteriorate when we switching between people.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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