There is no Greater Love than a Good Listening Ear .

There is no Greater Love than a Good Listening Ear

We all have the respect for love and peace because that is something which give us a fine and satisfy feeling.
Love is inevitable in our life and it give us joy and secured by tenderness and understanding.
Understanding each other is the connectedness as a key and the lock which opens the gate for an open communication with common language for both.
There is no finer moments in life other than when things happened peacefully with love.
That give us a relax feeling and improve on our mood and its creates a loving romantic atmosphere.
We all need to share something with each other sometimes, about our inner frustrations and emotions, at that moment, there is nothing more pleasant than when our love can give us all the attention with a good listening ear.
This gives us such a familiar and secure feeling that we do not need to disassociate between and everything can tell openly.
Listening from our lover with all understanding and respect can be appreciated  by us, so we know that our loving relationship has a value.
It is so important in a relationship by being able to listen and to show respect towards each other, sometimes it is difficult , then we can give an emotional response.
Do not let our emotions prevail in an excellent relationship by being frustrated but let love conquer all, because we are back to each other again on the bed during the bedtime .
Always listen carefully to each other and learn to listen, because that will reconcile any disagreement or slip in our relationship.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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