Freedom is the Key to Happiness.

Freedom is the Key to Happiness

Living in peace is the greatest freedom we can wish for.
Sometimes we are bound to find things which is limiting our freedom but that can open our feelings so we will live freely without worry to get ourselves caught in difficult situation.
As free as a bird is a beautiful proverb but it is too soon to say we have achieved that for our lifetime.
We are living in a world of laws and rules that restrict our limitations and we do not always agree with it.
But it is something that everyone must obey and follow strictly.
When we have to carry out those rules and regulations with obligations, then it is almost impossible for us to feel free by our own.
Once we have found the balance and accept it, the door to freedom is open for us and we can walk the path to happiness.
Everyone has their own rights and obligations and if we can tolerate with each other in good harmony with a comfort feeling then everybody can live peacefully without coercion.
Freedom will be the key to open the door of success and we will find the happiness behind it.
Peace on earth can give us the key to freedom and happiness.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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