Many people still do not have it in mind but we are together a great community who all need each other .
It doesn't matter who we are or what color skin we have, because the world is ours together.
Together we can make the best of it, in the time that we live on earth and we are all jointly for trying to make it meaningful with pleasure.
But apparently not everyone has this same point of view and they find financial interests with power are more prerequisite for their life.
Love and peace can give good feelings to all of us with a better prospect.
The money which being spent in defense of humanity can better be spent on investments to benefit the economy because this going to give the prosperity for all of us.
It is actually impossible to understand that the world leaders can not think of this as individuals while their also want to live in peace with their family.
And they are too stubborn to make it compromise and spending money on weapons to prepare for the war, that only cause more problems because they work with an aim to destroy each other if something goes wrong.
That's actually not a good example as a World Leader for the people when they do this for their own interest and not really for the population.
United collaboration as leaders in this case is a motivation for every person on the planet, who should now monitor how billions are spent on country protection to wage war while in different countries people are suffered with poverty and hunger.
It is better to invest this big amount of money in the society to recover from the emerging of economic crises that will motivate the community by showing more welfare.
And the wealth in community give us all an optimistic peaceful mind with a feeling for a good future.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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