Sometimes Just Giving Up is also a kind of Mournful Beauty.

Sometimes Just Giving Up is also a kind of Mournful Beauty

In our life we always want and hope for the best but the reality can sometimes show different results and so we must face the facts .
The predictions were so good and we had everything well prepared with the perfect arrangement but to no avail.
We will understand it by a course of time and accept that it was just a dream and that we failed to deliver.
Sometimes we are deeply disappointed in ourselves because we could not decide for the expected results and our business plan not will be completed with the way we want it from the beginning.
Keep going would be stubborn and foolish, but we must learn to make the right decision and realize that it can not improve our future so that quitting is the best decision.
It is very difficult to take such a step because we've been working with all our heart to plan everything together and start this.
And then just change the preferences, even to close is something that hurts and will cause many sad moments with grief.
But to be stubborn and have a false hope to arouse in ourselves which we think it maybe getting better is not a wise decision and this only give the chance to lose everything that will follows up with debt and problems afterwards.
Let's just better don't lose our money and give it up before it's too late and the misery starts , because continue to pursue something what produces no results is like as bring water to the sea bear and lead to infinite loss.
Give our life a new chance and giving up is also a mournful beauty in order to begin a brighter future with something new.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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