Be Honest with Ourselves, Everyone got their Limited Abilities.

Be Honest with Ourselves, Everyone got their Limited Abilities

It is so easy to judge over others when we have all the resources of wealth and gifts of nature by ourselves.
But we must also be intelligent and see that we are not all equal, not everyone has all these possessions of abilities to be able to assess their value of acceptance.
We already discover at our young age that we are all different and everyone has their own unique abilities.
To find the perfection is almost impossible and if we are satisfied with ourselves, when we meet others with lesser skills, it is better to respect them.
Even if people have physical disabilities or are different from us does not mean that their heart is better or worse than us.
Accept everyone as they are and try to make the best out of it, if that does not work , it's time to part it away and say farewell.
But at least give them a fair chance with equal rights and mutual respect, be thankful if we have been luckier in our life.
And not to be particularly jealous or envious when we have it more worse than others, because that will not help us and makes us depressed.
Be honest with ourselves and accept what we are and what we have, because it had always been more worse and of course also better sometimes, but that is simply not like this.
We are who we are and we must learn to live with it and we can only improve things by think positive and able to reach our associated goal.
Never look down on people, no one can create himself and has everything in hand, because we are all influenced by the environment and our upbringing with what we see and experience, it has now become a part of our life.
But nobody wants the worst for himself, sometimes things just goes the way and walked into our life so we must try to be happy with that.
There will always be others who have it better but remember that there are also many who have it more worse, but we should note that they can live happily with it.
Everyone has their limited abilities and we are all the same, to judge others or to belittle the varying capabilities by others is a failure of them to fulfill the demand of humanity and disrespectful for others.
Be honest and grateful to ourselves with respect to others abilities and their flaws.
Give each other a space to be themselves, acceptance of others' personality and  their shortcoming, it is a respect that will always be appreciated.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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