Learn to accept Criticism When it is Needed.

Learn to accept Criticism When it is Needed

If we have organized something and putting in our entire knowledge with spending a long preparation before its ready all out of our hearts, then we are very proud of it as we think it appears to have a successful effect and can see many happy faces  around us.
It makes our mood very well and cheerful , because we are also very pleased with the results until someone starts making comments and criticism which they will express certain things with an unbearable tone.
At such a time it may dampen our confidence and is an annoying feeling throughout our body, causing us may want to respond aggressively but we have control over it and wonder why someone would do that to start the criticism, because of many will find it excellent and talk to their liking.
While a person criticizes us in a few words, then our beautiful day turn into a catastrophic obstacle,  at least we feel it that way.
At such times it is so important to hear these criticisms and to realize that there are so many happy people around us and only one of them who start to complain.
Because that person has a different view and by listening to his words can teach us something or we can explain why we have done it on this way.
But we sure as there is a need and we accept his criticism as a lesson to learn from  it and improve to apply for the next time.
Or if that person that criticism us has misjudged us, we can take it as a lesson to learn how others think about certain things and then can make  necessary adjustments to avoid criticism in the future
Critics always see us from a different prospective, so we have to try and accept it, because it will be good for a long term benefit.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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