Simplicity is the Key to Balance for Our Life.

Simplicity is the Key to Balance for Our Life

Compared with the past, the lifestyle of mankind changed drastically.
It's not only become more modern era but most of the people also want to show how they are doing financially well comparing to others.
But when this attitude takes place in humanity, then the simplicity is lost and on that moment they have to change their own life to live for others.
This is then only with a starting point to give everyone a first impression with much outward show that everything will goes very well financially.
If that ends up successfully after can be expressed pride and many have reverence for it at that moment so their life is out of counterpoise and the fans are not content with less.
So for example, if we first drive a Ferrari and after come with a Mercedes then there is something wrong in other people's eyes and they think it's goes bad for them.
So if we have aroused the impression by others that things goes very well with us and we want to show this but after come with the Mercedes is like a step back for the humiliation of ourselves in the mind.
A conversion of simplicity to be exaggerated is not a wise move and it will give a different turn for our way of life.
Where we own constantly have to prove to others that we do better financially, that can be a task which can also bring Us into a deep psychological trouble.
Because not everything is stable in life and certainly not when we try to live beyond our means and ostentation for the eyes from others.
Never let  ostentation bring us out of balance, because simplicity is the key of life or everyone who want to have a better life but then it must be constant and in balanced.
So keep ourselves in simplicity and do not exaggeration, because that is no need , don't lose the balance and use the key to only open those doors which is in our power for a balanced life.
Those who be satisfied with less in simplicity at times and when they also have more to spent on that moment, will always achieve a better balance in their life.
As always simplicity keep us the balance in our life.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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