If We Cannot Get what we Love, then Cherish what we Already Have.

If We Cannot Get what we Love, then Cherish what we Already Have

We are all different with other thoughts and interests, but we all have somewhat in common and that is we love something.
And that may also again consist of different topics or people.
That makes life exciting, but it can also be complicated with moments of joy and sorrow.
Be easily satisfied, because it has a big influence on the situation, but that's as hard as we like to do what we love and it is unattainable to us for some reason.
That can give us a sad feeling, but when we manage to get things done or possibilities to own something, we can be just merrily with joy later.
And now that makes our life so difficult, because sometimes our desire is beyond our ability to afford it.
We love with all our heart and it is in our mind constantly, those thoughts alone gives us feel better but it will never become a reality, because we then realize our own that it remains as a dream.
Therefore, if we are so wise that we can realize how things pass by in our life, but we never can achieve or possess this.
Then we know that with everything we have now can give us a sense of satisfaction and we should never give up our courage to get a better life.
Make an effort to do things we like to achieve it in the future, but respect and love everything we have so far been achieved and possess it.
Because its better to have "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush"
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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