It Take Years to Build up Trust but Only a Second to Damage it.

It Take Years to Build up Trust but Only a Second to Damage it

In today's day and age, people will no more quickly trust on their blue eyes.
We need to do a lot more before we can gain the trust, also because of the poor publication in the media by placing the experience of crime business.
Which shows that more and more people opt for a non legitimate way thus it is difficult now to do a honest business and it has become a simple and easy way to be involved in crime.
That give more work for every business deal and caution with complicated contracts which usually need to be drawn up by a lawyer so that is also a disadvantage, because the return of investment is becoming lower.
Also, there is mistrust generated because terms are often used that can overpower us in a contract and we are not directly understand which then can give us the confusion and after we must let an authorized person to check the contract.
More time wasting and because of that we need a higher investments, all this is to protect us against unscrupulous business people who have a different thoughts and the criminal way to do business.
We should many times do business or close contracts with the same persons or the friends of them, so all the agreements or arrangements can be ended with the promised results to fulfill, after this all trust may arise with mutual respect.
And to hold that trusted respect we need to maintain it by ourselves to constantly check everything if we honor the commitments then we can show the results.
Because we do not always work alone or busy with something else but we are responsible for the good outcome so don't let the trust loss to our friends or partners.
That is the only way to keep and not damage our trusted good reputation by an unforeseen mistake in seconds.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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