Wisdom is Attained When we can Put Away our Greediness.

Wisdom is Attained When we can Put Away our Greediness

We all have awesome hopes and dreams for an ideals future, but we should not go beyond the limits and respect of life.
Burning desire for success is good , but if we overload it can turn into a poison for us.
We can have the hunger for success, but if we can not reach it, we should not be greedy and choosing to be a criminal.
That let them decide to disrespecting their parents for the way how they have been brought up and they no more want to follow the rules of law and think to achieve something more quickly by being a criminal.
But if they are wise and follow the news in media, it shows all that  "Crime doesn't pay" and they find themselves belong to the criminal world where spiritual and emotional violence often go hand-in-hand and respect no longer counts for the humanity.
For criminals is only money that count and it is their respect for which they do everything to revolves it and for this they will break all the limits of the law and self-respect is no longer important for them.
They never think about the penalties that will be given to them by breaking the law, only the greediness of money that counts and wealth will always remains in the first place for them.
Prison sentences with hypocritical and violent behavior, there are always suspicion in their mind among the criminals, because a defeat is almost an impossible behavior for their minds.
Their brains are already so compromised that money are constantly in their mind, and they are ruthless when give financially disadvantaged to others and previously seen as a victory than to think they give many grief to others.
While we are honest and like to get success we must start to know about anything and collect all about it to bring us into the right mind.
There will be prolonged success without much worry of life and have many trusted people around us who therefore only can expand by the mutual respect.
The knowledge obtained is also enhanced by our experience and greed is not necessary, because the achieved success is already there.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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