Frugality is the Mother of Prosperity.

Frugality is the Mother of Prosperity

To find the right balance and have control in our necessities is not an easy task.
Too much spending and living beyond our means is something which happened many times in life and to keep that under control, we must to count well and make a calculation of what is in our leverage to spend daily.
And therefore it is better not to give that entire budget out but to put some separate saving to spare money.
Because no one can predict the future and what seems a small amount today can later become a major expenditure or vice versa.
So be prepared for the worst is always good, then it can only be getting better in future, because money in the bank does not always lose its value.
Something we spend will never come back in our wallet, if we invest in order to expect and get back the profit but that is not always a guarantee.
People who say they don't gamble when they have to invest a lot, probably do not know what they are talking about at that time.
Because every investment we make does not guarantee profit, so be careful with our hard earned cash and calculate first good on what is our best opportunity.
Living below our level and economical life values will always have many advantages and there will be "A little apple for the thirst"
Never keep in our mind that it only will getting better even though we are very optimistic with our performance today and for the future.
There can always be unforeseen things reversed in our life that can be both the positive and the negative.
Always bear in mind that , a frugality life is the foundation of prosperity.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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