Life is a Precious Gift for Us, Cherish Every Minute of it.

Life is a Precious Gift for Us, Cherish Every Minute of it

Most of the times we don't realize how important it is to keep a proper care for our body and how we deal with it.
Sometimes we eat, drink and do unhealthy things whereby the functions in our body are affected, and therefore this cultivated bad effect for our internal physique on the longer- term.
Which we later in life, or beforehand can experience many problems, this depends on how our physical genes and bacteria have been built in our body to have resistance on it.
Sometimes we take unnecessary risks that our life may be at risk and then we not realize that it could have drastic consequences which result for a lifelong handicap.
Which can bring ourselves and others a lot of grief by doing with fatal effects in the wrong end.
We can thus create unnecessary problems and give a totally different direction to our life for an unexpected future.
We are no longer able to do certain things, which was so important for us to fulfill and brought joy in our life.
Therefore, it is wise to always think of the consequences before we make a decision, whether it will be worth for us to take the risks.
This risk can be an infringe to our lives, and then if it goes wrong can give this a totally different aspect in life which provoke our happiness.
Respect that our life is a precious gift as all body parts work well and know that we  have a great influence to keep for ourselves.
So cherish every minute through with care and a complete sense to accept this.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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