A Smile can Shorten the Distance between Two People.

A Smile can Shorten the Distance between Two People

Today, there is so much misery in the world and that doesn't seem to be changing, people move further and further apart.
They will be no kindness to show and the neighbors doesn't know about each other, everyone live their own life and do not pay more attention to others.
While friendly and give a smile to say good day cost nothing, this would make our life a lot more peaceful among each other.
But nowadays we see rather a sullen face than a smile, only at the moment when there is something to get the profit out of it then we can see a smiling face.
It could bring a lot of happiness for everyone if we all think more socially, talked and laughed together.
Everything has become so rushed and people are unfriendly with each other, we all understand that a day has only 24 hours and in this time many things need to be done.
But to be always tense of meeting among other stressed people will give no good prospect for a better future to us.
So start ourselves by being kind to others and they will surely follow up this, perhaps many persons are still uncertain about it but they can only respond positively to a smile.
Thus we can be happy to be friendly to others and if there are many people who follow us, we might be a little part to contribute for an improvement in a friendly world.
Where laughter and peace are preferred and grumpy faces hardly to be seen in our daily life.
So that the first face impression gives a cheerful atmosphere causing a better communication faster take place between people and life will be a lot more enjoyable.
Because a smile is priceless and that can make a communication more easier.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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