Every Pain we Suffer Will Make us Stronger.

Every Pain we Suffer Will Make us Stronger

"Life's Not a Bed of Roses, but It's Not All Thorns Either" is a beautiful saying with the real truth in it.
Today, it is simply not easy to just live our life with pleasure, this is partly due to the world economic has been out of balance.
People have changed and become more selfish, and with this we will not getting more socially in our society so that will not make a better peaceful life for us.
Crime and violence is the order of the day and the kindness not shine to the face of everyone.
There is some difference between poverty and be hurry to become wealthy under the populations within the social behavior and cooperation which prevent to succeed for a better life.
But never let ourselves to be impressed by it, always live in an honest and stable life with values which we can be proud of.
Every adversity we've experienced should be a lesson to make us stronger, the pain we endure give us a signal that we have learned something and we will never let it happen for a second time.
Our pain will not go away immediately right after we are aware that we have made a mistake, but it will take a while for us to realize that how stupid we are to get us into this kind of situation.
This pain will make us stronger in our thoughts and emotional feelings, but unfortunately our character getting adversely affected by it, because of we lost confidence in the human.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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