Never Look Down on Someone and It is Better to Help Them with Progress.

Never Look Down on Someone and It is Better to Help Them with Progress

It is so easy to belittle other as we possess enough and think that we have the upper hand.
But it gives a better feeling with respect when someone who inferior to their position want to offer their help for others.
Of course there are many among us who would like to help others but we are not in the right position or not having the opportunity to do it.
So we keep walking around in a circle where everyone has their own problems and shortcomings, while trying to find the solutions.
But a life without problems is not there, we just have to realize that and if we can help to solve the problems on others, its certainly give us a satisfaction feeling.
Especially when they then also can respect and be grateful for it.
Give others a chance if we have the power to help them for conquering to get a better position in our society.
In this way we can also help with the advancement of world peace, and thus improve the education into a smoother way of interaction.
Accept each other as who we are and seeing that everyone is the same with the similar necessities and features.
Do not mention about who is more intelligence or wealthier because everybody has their own added value.
We all have the same rights and obligations to respect every human being with a precious feeling toward each other.
Be happy when we are privileged and gotten a better chance since we were born but leave another to their own value and respect them, because everyone deserves their rights to live in the best way.
Never look down on others, but let them just feel and understand that we have the intelligence to be able to estimate their situation very well and are willing to help with a better life.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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