Apology just Meant that We Value our Relationship more than our Ego.

Apology just Meant that We Value our Relationship more than our Ego

Friendship is very important in our life, its a pleasure with friends around us, because they are the one we can always trust and rely on.
And it is easy for making friends but not so as to maintain a friendship, because in order to keep the relationship, both side must be fulfilled with mutual obligations.
A friendship is based on mutual respect and trust, thereby it can increase on the inner feeling for both.
In addition, the atmosphere within the relationship should be more fun because it is motivated with humorous and kindness among us.
All meetings should be joyful and prevail with harmony so that everything goes smoothly with peace as a starting point.
When there is a conflict or misunderstanding, anything can be discussed so we will never get the hatred feeling towards each other.
Apology are being made immediately when there is any human error, so we can always discuss the incomprehensible situation directly between each other.
This certainly make it become understandable for everyone among the acquaintances or circle of friends.
When there is a mistake by us, we should make an apologize, because then its show that we have the mutual respect as a friend.
If we commit the mistake, we have to admit it by putting away our pride and don't let our own ego to take the upper hand.
It is not an excessive option to apology to someone when we make the faults, but instead it will then added more value to every relationship.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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