Harsh is Always a Sign of Weakness.

Harsh is Always a Sign of Weakness

The mentality of mankind today is becoming more hard and it seems that there is no more grace.
Almost everyone is selfish and only live for themselves, in the class neighborhoods where were togetherness same like before are gone now.
Being harsh and no longer show compassion for each other is now the order of the day.
Most friendships are changed in a business relationship where everybody are in search of profits, doesn't matter in whatever form.
We all make mistakes in our life and we also want to be understood so we will be getting real forgiveness granted by others.
A person that is on such times to be harsh is a sign of weakness while an apology is giving already so that is mean no understanding of the situation.
Always try to recognize and accept the apology by other when they have made mistakes.
So together we can keep every situation under control without being harsh to each others.
Someone who repeatedly making the same mistakes is hard for them to learn even they realize very well that their intention is wrong.
So let's be sensible to make way for our life without problems, just bid farewell to them, which is the best self-protection for us.
It is also a sign of weakness when they intentionally harm other because they have no respect for the law and thereby violated them with relentless to the humanity.
While others have emotional pain and grief, but it is so hard for them to care what others feel, because they only think of their self interests.
This is their weakness for being selfishness and their self-interest always come first before other.
It will surely cause emotional and psychological problems for them which eventually can damage the confidence between each other.
All loyal people need not to show harsh or weakness points to each other, because there is always a fair solution in every situation in life together.
There is no need for being harsh to others as this is just a sign of weakness.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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