Sometimes we will have to Create our Own Sunshine.

Sometimes we will have to Create our Own Sunshine

We all know that we cannot constantly having the happiness by our side, because life is not always easy.
Anything can be happened, sometimes life just gonna show the less pleasant side to us.
That something seriously bad can happen which will makes us very sad and after we want to cry more faster than to smile.
There are also some moment with so many wonderful things happen in our life that we able to get up and go to sleep with a sense of joy.
And this bring the ultimate happiness for us.
But then bad things may happen suddenly where we are not mentally prepared for it or totally not expected, this is just like a slap in our face.
This can collapse our mood and state of mind like a house of blocks and it is going to affect our whole body and mind as well.
It might eventually take away our good feeling at that moment from out of nothing and replace the sense of happiness with a grief to us.
In this state, it is almost impossible to be happy, but it's still very important for us to keep searching for things which can bring us the joy.
Things which are going to keep us in postive thoughts and make us smile again.
We have to keep doing things which can give us fun then our mood will be brightened, and we will be seeing the beautiful side of life again.
So we will be creating our own sunshine and that will lead us to have an optimistic view of our existence on this earth with a big smile again.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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