The Greatest Success of Life is Our Luck.

The Greatest Success of Life is Our Luck

We all strive for success and happiness, but not everyone is lucky with their life.
Some have success in a given circle, but they may not satisfied with themselves and the environment where they are surrounded by it.
Another may have achieved some successes where everyone would be envy of but at the same time they might have some relationship issues that make them not so happy.
There will be a hundred examples to write it all down, but that does not help us to fix something and clear ourselves out of trouble.
Luck is what we all need in our existence on this planet and that starts from birth.
We will be lucky when we were born in the right country with good prosperity, and we have the best parent to learn from and they provide us to a higher education with their additional financial resources which can give us an easier life.
We came in contact with the right people during our childhood and so we can think of doing everything with a right direction for a good future.
If we are lucky and have the talent to do what we want in the future, the chances of success will also be multiply.
On that moment if we very satisfied with the chosen direction and environment where we are now, and that will give us a brilliant feeling deep inside our heart.
Full with  luck and gratitude when we able to know the perfect person to share our life with and also can meet the expected demands in our relationship.
These are all the factors that have to do with luck, to be at the exact time in a certain place.
To be there at that time and we can make a important decision in our life when we have to meet the opportunity that creates the luck in our life.
So the right place and a perfect timing is what we all need to have the luck with happiness for us.
It is the place and the right time to be there, with our luck we can make the right decision and after something changed for us will gives us a successful life with happiness.
The greatest luck is when everything goes smooth and successfully with mutual respect from each other.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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