We do Not Need a Million Friends but Only a Few who will Stand by Us when Other are Against Us.

We do Not Need a Million Friends but Only a Few who will Stand by Us when Other are Against Us

Not many people in the world can realize the importance and what its real meant of a true friendship which is coming out of the heart .
A true friend sometimes can give more love and meaning than our family member.
They will always be there to offer help when there is a problem or they will celebrate something with us together.
From deep inside our heart, there is a sense of commitment for each other where pains and triumphs can be shared together .
Friends support each other through heart and soul, friendship is not being measured by quantity but by the quality of mutual support.
The moment when certain problems are occurring for us or by other, we are expecting a full support from each other without any doubt.
Trust is very important in a friendship and the truth has no boundaries or limitations.
The true will always triumph between friendship and in the world, because there will always be a solution to any disagreement with each other.
Someone who harm a trust for friendship deserves no respect or a good word, but will be punished by their own mistake and lose the friend for life.
Money and greed is often the major culprit between relationship, and self-esteem no longer can be count on when selfishness take place of friendship.
Friendship will be meaningless when both (deceiver)  showing hubris and poor posture while one just want to get the benefits out from another.
While the other (straight person) who having the disappointment and disdain will have to realize that they are being used by them (deceiver) .
But years will elapse to give the experience on what friendship can be lost and when they (deceiver) have problems then their name (straight person) will constantly come up in the mind of the deceiver.
We only need to have a few real friends in our life with mutual respect because they are the one who will always be there with their hearts no matter we are ups or downs.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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