Silence is Gold If We do Not have the Correct Answer.

Silence is Gold If We do Not have the Correct Answer

Conduct a conversation together in a cozy atmosphere can be very enjoyable and uplifting for us as there will be many fun and laughs.
Someone like to talk and others find it enjoyable just to listen, but it's not easy to tell anything that everyone can understand and appealing to their ears.
If there are some jokes to be make, for example, telling a story with joking then anyone can be attracted and enjoy it.
It can uplift our mood in a relaxing environment then we are turning into a completely different person.
But the moment when its been switched to a serious conversation, and we do not understand all, it is better to keep our silence over it.
It is better for us not to join in the conversation, because we do not have any idea about it what is being said or asked, and we will not have the right answer.
When we are interfering in the conversation and telling something which is untruth or given an incorrect answer, then we will probably lose our dignity.
If the truth is totally different than what is coming out of our mouth, then they have the feeling want to cut off our tongues because they feel as being rightly cheated.
Saying things just for telling a funny story to make the conversation become more interesting but with full of lies is not smart and it will impair on our credibility sooner or later.
"If the lie is the truth as soon superseded it" then it may have a constantly effects in our life.
As a result, we are going to lost the respect and trust they have in us thus we will be losing out of our acquaintances and friends.
Our name will not be spoken positively by others and by the time we realize it, will be too late for us.
Therefore, if we cannot say anything with truth or give the correct answers for it, its better to keep our mouths shut and remain as a golden silence.
Never forget that "still waters run deep" and the "high trees will catch more wind".
Sometimes it's better to preserve with silence.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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