The tropical cyclone with a stunning nature strength is something we can only dream of.
A hurricane has no mercy and will destroy everything on its path with the overwhelming speed and power.
It is impossible for stopping the hurricane which was caused by rain and blowing wind at low pressure areas of evaporating sea that energizes and rotate everything because of the convection.
When there is a hurricane, it is better not to stay nearly by the neighborhood, because it will be like a centrifuge to invade us with all the unspeakable consequences.
It will turn into a tragedy, when we have established ourselves in somewhere but after a hurricane rages that would be a disaster for us at our place in just a few minutes.
We may lose our possessions and also maybe losing on the loved ones whom we have fought for our whole life to get this far.
It's something which will continue to haunt our mind for the rest of our life, because what we've seen will never be forgotten and it is unimaginable for now.
And we can lose all our positive energy at once to let us realize that everything always depends on several factors in our life.
Be at the right time and place can give us a fortune but also the nightmare, so enjoy every minute of our life with a smile.
Always realize that by the time we laugh of pleasure, there are some in the world who are crying miserably because of being very sad.
Don't always think that our life is very bad when it does not go well for us, but be strong and tell ourselves that we have been fortunate and should go to work for a better future.
Let us wish for each other to have the force of a hurricane together so that we can handle the setbacks more easier.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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