Trust is the Key to Accept, Respect and Follow.

Trust is the Key to Accept, Respect and Follow

Nowadays it is becoming extremely difficult by only using spoken word and handshake to close a deal.
Almost everything has to be prepared with a contract in which legitimate rules are being involved to protect both parties.
One of the hardest things in life is to build trust in front of other people, so that they will  blindly rely and believe in us.
It is also difficult to maintain, as the saying goes : "Trust takes years to build it, and forever to repair if it was broken".
Trust is based on how we can accept each other strength and weakness, then follow the progress together and showing the respect for both.
The spoken word always must be fulfilled without excuses and changes with the motto that both can share everything in prosperity and adversity.
If there is a mistake by us, we should admit it with an apology so that our friendship can be restored back to where we begin.
Then things will coming into a suitable mutual arrangement whereby everyone is happy.
It is proven that anyone can make mistake, but all the problems can be solved, combined with the respect and acceptance among each other.
This will also strengthen the trust in each other and follow by an easier acceptance for the disagreement, because we both know that it 's just a mistake.
Everybody can make mistakes, but if there is respect and trust, all things can have the solutions in a friendly way.
By being honest and sincere, we created a key to open for acceptance of trust and so everyone will believe us on our word with a friendly handshake.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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