Everyone Deserves Equal Rights.

Everyone Deserves Equal Rights

We all live in one world based on the same starting point with a vision that is unified by all of us.
Everyone may have a different lifestyle or living with another level in life but generally all are the same and should be treated with equal rights and responsibilities.
Every wise man knows that these rules have been there long time before and should be followed, but some people feel themselves more than others and trying to violate this law.
They think that they have more status for any other reason, and therefore want to occupy their position with multiple rights.
With each birth, the parents must make a declaration to a municipal body that shall be applied for every citizen, no one can be excluded.
This indicates that everyone is the same person from birth and to stay in life for all physical needs, so it must be followed by everybody.
The person who thinks we do not have equal rights are discriminated against others, because they are not following the regulations rights and duties.
They probably won't be respected by their own position and therefore lose the respect to others, because of thinking that they have a higher status.
Until something happens when nature decides and then it will reminds us that we are all equal and have the same duties with rights.
And we will realize money do not have the function of status-enhancing, instead it is an unnecessary luxury but in the end we all still have the equal rights.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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