Past is a History.

Past is a History

Many people talk and think about it, and its keeps appearing too often in our mind.
It 's already happened, and all belonged to the past, but most things are still in our thoughts even we live in the present.
We should not let the bad experiences to be haunted our life, instead treat it as a lesson for us and learned from it, and engrave it as a good memory for history in our mind.
Good things will not hurt us, but we can not forget those malignant events which have happened in the past and its keep repeating in our heads.
So we have to understand the situation more and conclude it with peace because that was a part of the past and it's over.
Try to think wisely so to give ourselves the love of life.
Do not let the pain of the past to dominate our mind and think better for the future.
The past will never come back exactly as before, now we are living in the present.
We should have learned from it and the sooner we can forgive bad things, our life will be reviving with a positive and joyful start.
Say goodbye to bitter past and only remember the positive things can make peace for our thoughts.
And this will give us no chance to think about the negative past.
That 's the whole way to lift ourselves out from the past so more joyous moments will come to us and we can live in peace and no more wake up because of bad dreams.
Let rest the past in peace, keep it as a history and welcome the future with a smile.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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