Our Presence should Bring the Added Value to Someone who is Important for us.

Our Presence should Bring the Added Value to Someone who is Important for us

Successful individuals will not be respected if there is no moral dignity in them.
We can go somewhere just to show our presence and do not talk anything, but it is still very important and interesting for a specific person or a group of peoples whom are there with us.
Usually, this added value of presence is good for several people including ourselves.
If we can influence the atmosphere or someone by being at the right place, that will give us a respected and satisfied feeling.
Our presence can be important in many different areas, it can mean social, but it also have to do with our work.
Being there with love and understanding is obviously good for our ego.
And when others love us, because of our personality, that will be excellent.
Being true to ourselves and others, and thus should give them the respect they deserve what will be giving a lot of added value for everyone.
Before we take the trouble to go somewhere for a reason, always think of something or someone important for us at that location.
If there is anyone in this location or multiple people waiting for us and they are so happy with our presence there, we must realize that it is a respect for us.
This means that we have the added value in their life, and that we are important to them, for one reason or another.
And so it is the same for ourselves when someone is in our close vicinity, because they are the persons who give us the added value that we need to fulfill our desire in life.
So we realize and know that the presence of that person or persons are very important for us and therefore we respect them by their added value.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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