Encouragement is the Best support we can Give to Someone.

Encouragement is the Best support we can Give to Someone

Life can have an excellent side, and then we are very happy, but there is sometimes a downside with a low point.
On that moment our thoughts are not quite clear, then we must conclude that there are many things no longer important, because we miss the happiness.
Many of us have been acquainted with the dark side and met the bad times in our life before.
And in this period without the encouraging words of our parents, friends or loved ones, it is almost impossible for us to move on.
But the encouraging words will give us hope so we see the light shining again and get back our courage to continue oriented for solutions.
It is sometimes easy to give monetary benefits to another person or receive it but that is not always the good solution.
Because sometimes we just forget that most people need encouragement which can not be obtained with money.
An auxiliary support can help someone to get their confidence back and then completely re-energized to sees life as optimistic again.
A "heart stabbing under the belt" can sometimes work wonders and during a setback, the battery can be charging with full of energy to help us think positively.
That is why it is so important that we are among the right people who want to give each other support and not just looking for profit.
Support each other in troubling times is something that needed by everyone, because a year has no 365 exceptional days.
When we are having the dark days, we all need a shoulder to cry on, preferably someone who can give encouragement and support for our grief.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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