The Way a Person Behaves when he has Everything, will Reflect his True Self.

The Way a Person Behaves when he has Everything, will Reflect his True Self

In our life, no one can tell during a meeting what the other person owns or how are their inner feelings.
We can never determined it In a conversation, regardless of what our eyes see or what was being said.
A first meeting and conversation is always dependent on the importance of why this appointment take place and that can determine the temperature of mood.
Whether to achieve benefits or disadvantages will play a major role in the middle of a conversation.
Never judge a book by its cover, because a millionaire do not need fancy dress or to drive in a Rolls Royce.
Because of wrong judgement, we start already with the initial errors and that can bring the disappointment for others so we can only try to recover our mistake with a excuse.
Actually, who, what, color, rich and how important someone is, should play no role in our life.
Because everyone were born on the same manner with equal rights, only some people abuse it, but that is another matter.
But everyone deserves to get respect and can also give it to others, to be kind does not cost any money.
Some may think that they are better than others, because they have more possessions and therefore can get higher opportunities, but that's unjust.
A righteous person will never judge something when there is no 100 % proof of this.
We should give a kind word for everyone and respect them regardless of their appearance or true origins.
Understanding is what is often lacking in most people, they can not make any justification on others but only can classify their own life.
An open-minded person will care about others and also be able to assess the situation and carry out his actions from there.
We all are not raised in the same family and country, so there will always remain some differences among us but the respect should be the same.
Everyone have their pros and cons but we all can show the same respect for each other with a friendly smile.
Don't let the opulence affect our life, be happy and respect what we have so we can let everyone to keep their self-esteem and to rule as it does with respect.
Love and friendship is more valuable than materialistic so don't wait until we lose on both only then we will understand the real value of it.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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