Never Waste our Effort on those who Not Appreciate Us.

Never Waste our Effort on those who Not Appreciate Us

Respect is something that we have received from our upbringing and at a later age we learning more to be ourselves so we can assessing the value and understand that not everything is for sale.
Time is precious and it is not possible for us to spend all the time to care and to  resolve the problems for everybody around us.
Because our time is often too limited and we own also have several problems in private or work and we need full attention for caring of our family.
But whoever does good will encounter with a better person, so be kind to each other and give a helping hand is very important in our life.
Unfortunately, there are also many people who abuse it and do not appreciate the efforts and they only want to get more benefits.
If someone has handed us a helping hand without asking anything in return, those are the people that we really should appreciate them.
This goes the same true for us, for those who never cherish what we do for them, it will be unwise to spend more of our efforts on them.
Every hour only can be consumed once and it will never come back, so spent our time wisely and well.
It is better to pay attention to those who appreciate our time and effort and who really need to be helped, thereby they will have awe for us.
They appreciate and admire us as we do something for them, and we will have a reverent feeling after, because we have done something good without wanting to get a advantage out of it.
Be Always willing to help others and keep doing that, it is better if we try putting ourselves in others shoes, give them the chance when there is a possibility.
When they mess with that opportunity by not being honest or not to appreciate, it is better to spend our effort and cash on our immediate beloved or others who will respects and admired us.
Make the effort to someone who does not value this is the same as stealing from a blind man who cannot see what is being stolen from him.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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