Love is like a River that will Continue to Flow Forever.

Love is like a River that will Continue to Flow Forever

To be the valentine for a person on this special day in the year give a good feeling and also indicates that there is love involved.
Love is an essential factor which occupy an important place in our life and can give us the extra feeling that everyone is waiting to be happy.
It can make or break us, because love can provide the best moments to us but also give us painful with tears of sadness.
Everyone wants to be in love and those who appreciate it will be able to enjoy forever, because a love life have norms and values that can be associated with respect.
And if we want to maintain the flow of love without stop, we must be able to trust  and always take care of each other so that our hearts is fully filled with love.
Will encounter the infinite desire for each other when we're apart, because out of sight is not out of the heart.
The craving for each other should give us a warm feeling of desire where our hearts can be touched by only one person, that is love and wish for each other.
Together with the person we love give us a good feeling which can improve our mood with a very warm feeling to smile.
To be with that person constantly play a role in our mind, we will take them into account before making any decision, because we want to see the joy in their eyes every time.
Our heart beats faster when the person we love is in our neighborhood or when we only heard the name then we can quietly start to think this is my Valentine on today.
Now we just need to make sure that the love sparks continue to flow like the blood in our veins forever until our last day together with our Valentine.
Love has no limit and we can not control the feelings from our heart, so let it continue to flow together forever.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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