A Sailor Without Destination is Definitely Follow the Wrong Wind in the Sails.

A Sailor Without Destination is Definitely Follow the Wrong Wind in the Sails

Someone who has no vision in their life will not be able to achieve something easily  in a hassle free way.
Will be a follower of others, and as we all have experienced it already in our life, that will not lead to our own desire, but only accomplish the desires of others.
Some may be at peace with it and happy to serve others if that makes them happy, because they only want a simple life and not to worry too much.
A person who wants to take the responsibility and to improve his place in society should know what they want.
Without a great vision, our life will always go to the wrong direction and lead to nowhere.
To know what we want, we will need a well organized plan from A to Z with all the pros and cons.
Knowing where to start and also have the final destination in mind, so we can work it out on paper in a zoning plan with all the important points.
To start something new in our life or leave without a destination address and want to reach the end point will then always depend on the wind conditions in the sails, this  maybe a great adventure, but it give no guarantees and can be dangerous.
Something without a purposeful planning can never lead to the great things, and also can have resulted in catastrophic events for individual but others may also be the victim of it.
That's taking a big risk with a lot of responsibility for something which can be prevented with a well and organized plan for our life.
Knowing what we want in our life can reduce many complicated moments to almost zero, because we have already considered in advance for all the solutions in a plan.
This gives much more rest instead of frustration and when something happen, we have an alternative to fix it.
Always know to what destination we are heading from the start of our life and have a excellent plan with an endpoint, so we know what to do with the unexpected wind in the sails.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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