From Desire.

From desire.


Often we stay together and I felt your warmth.
The heat that we need the warmth of desire.
But there we were nice and close together.
I was with my husband and you and your girlfriend.
Ohh what feelings played tricks on me I had a sense.
When I started to looking at your body and blood to boil faster in my veins flows.
The leaves of the trees fell past us as an opportunity.
The wind that gave our coolness that was needed to control us.
What I wanted to stand against you and embrace you.
But how could that be, we could not make facing to each other.
We were all friends together and how we could explain.
Whenever You're looking at me I felt that desire and saw Your face colored.
There were vibrations through me shake with desire.
I did not imagine a position more to give and closed my eyes.
In my dream I kissed you and you were in our house cleaning.
When I awoke, I felt weird.
But in my dreams we were making love and the happy couple.


And in normal life were my dreams not true.
And it stayed with to watch to another couple.
give respect get respect.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen