Time will Reveal the Real Character of a Person.

Time will Reveal the Real Character of a Person

In life, everyone are equal and should also get the chance to show that.
We may judge directly from the first impression but that can be a big mistake sometimes.
A criminal or honest appearance has nothing to do with the inner of a person.
And it is impossible to determine a real character from the outlook of any human, because if we do so, we are very short-sighted.
The appearance of a person may scare us but there is a possibility that their character is going to fascinate us and better than our expectation.
Many of us look at the appearance and body to see if that meets our requirements, but remember that as the years pass, all of those will be deteriorated and weaken.
But the inner nature of human will not change, it can only get better when time and love prevails.
Set a good example by being politeness with good care and a helping hand, then the true friends for us will reveal in no time.
Our intuition is quick enough to let us know who we are dealing with, because we do not need to be an engineer to understand that.
Give everyone a chance so their character will paid the price in time and their acting will revolve into real purpose of life.
Everyone will have a certain time frame to show their true identity, everything is just a matter of time and patience.
So give others the time and to have the patience for ourselves so they can finally exposed their true character to us, then we will know whether they have a good or bad personality.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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