Be Wise and Do Things Without Excuses.

Be Wise and Do Things Without Excuses

Helping each other is a "win - win" situation, but many did not see the point from it.
Self-interest is something that many of us prefer to have it more, but they do not attach any value to appreciate the friendship
Friendship is a temporary activity for them, when they achieve their goals or manage to get what is more important for them then their kindness is over.
It is still a mystery to many why it should be done like this, because mutual services work for either way and have a longer life is only good for both sides.
So we can construct a strong relationship with many features and benefits on it.
Sometimes when we ask something to a person who have all the knowledge, but they refuse to tell us the solution by giving all sorts of excuses, because they do not want to lent us their helping hand.
We often heard all kinds of excuses from them, because they are not straight and always trying to twist and turn the truth.
It seems for them that "used" or "to be used", they prefer to choose the first because of their short-sighted view.
Those who sit there waiting to listen the excuses from them, will not be possible to be their listeners again next time, thus making their friendship circle become much more smaller.
Winners doesn't need to use other people, they also do not wait for the opportunities but created it.
They are the people who know that if they are willing to help others then it is also possible for them to count on help when needed.
Then they can said to have a successful position and a prosperous meaning without an apology or to give an excuse with false pretenses for not providing help.
So the truth is cover by their deceit alibi.
It is really sad for them to make excuses against a better judgment and come with their usual lie sentence: "oh sorry excuse me with my apology, but I can not do it."
The excuses from them give others an impression that they are stupid.
Fortunately, many know it better and accept this as a lesson, not to listen to their lie with  the beautiful words and follow their own plan to continue the life without them.
Successful and adjective people will have no excuses, but they speak everything in a straightforward way.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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