Understanding for Each Other.

Understanding for Each Other

Why life has to be so complicated and sometimes it hurt us so much.
There are days when we cannot predict and we can hardly fill our stomach with food.
We need to think about many things and know that it is not easy to come up with an arrangement for something, but we'll still able to have the solution together every time.
Also at times when we have to crawl out of grief, together we have many solutions on the horizon even other would not be able to think of it, we can combined all the knowledge we know.
Together we understand everything about life, climb steep mountains with our problems and then again on the way downhill with a solution in our hands.
The comprehension that we have for every situation and for each other is infinite and indestructible.
Sometimes there is storm and rain in our relationship, but behind the clouds, there is always the moonlight of the full moon, so we can have a peace of mind before we go to sleep.
When we wake up together there will be smiles and sunshine in our feelings with sunrays shining for the whole day to make us happy.
That give us the new energy and strength to realize that we cannot live without each other.
We totally understand if we look reciprocally in the eyes of each other and our hearts melt with the desire for being together.
So we understand each other that we are strong together and when united, our hearts are unbeatable thus we can be ready for any problems.
It will not be easy to separate us, because when we do not understand the behaving by others, we can find it in the heart of each other.
Feel and care for one another is very important and it is the foundation of every good relationship.
That idea and understanding give us the awareness and recognition of how important it is to support each other in all circumstances.
Pay attention to one another, and let each other feel that they can be counted and trying to show everybody for every situation with mutual understanding and respect.
Love will always win, if we can fully understand each other, this give a certainty feeling together
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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