Hiding the Truth is Easy but Time will Reveal Everything.

Hiding the Truth is Easy but Time will Reveal Everything

Many things in life are enigmatic but we never can obscure the sun and moon of truth permanently.
Some can create their own false pretense which is against their true character, so we will be accommodating to their thoughts, because we believe in them.
But in a certain time, the authenticity emerge and thus exposing their true nature, so from that moment the suspicion and mistrust is being raised over them.
Our thoughts are currently in a dilemma and it cannot carry any good idea, because its never occurred in our way of thinking.
We thought we had enough knowledge to evaluate the value of people, unfortunately, that turned out to be a big mistake by us.
Keep asking ourselves on how we can make such a mistake in someone we treat as more than a friend but in return we are being used and cheated by them so now we become the victim.
All the time and energy we spend on them seems to be lost and useless so we are now regret with a sad feeling.
Why should this happen to us, what have we done wrong to be treated and being used like this? Is that all because of our kindness?.
But in fact we should be happy with this experience because it has taught us a lot about how important it is to be honest and frank to others.
Ultimately, the truth will be brought to light, thus we can feel ourselves comfortable, despite the sadness for what has been done to us, we still can be proud.
We have shown good and respect for it, even though we are not being appreciated , but the purity of righteousness will prevail for ourselves.
There will always be a lost in such situation, but those who are trying to hide the truth will suffer the biggest loss, because they will lost the loyality and cooperative relationship which is indispensable for the future.
The lying and cheating is their nature, however it is just a matter of time that they will repeat the same authenticity again and expose themselves to others.
Hiding the truth is easy, but the revelation of true character will show their real to others and the veracity of previously spoken words by them will no longer have any meaning or value on it.
But don't worry, because time will tell us everything about the truth.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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