Use the Criticism as Motivation to Push us Harder and make a Change for a better Life.

Use the Criticism as Motivation to Push us Harder and make a Change for a better Life

In life, no matter how many good deeds we have done, we will still being criticized by someone and it is better to accept that as normal.
Criticism should not be treated as a problem, because when we read or listen with intelligence, we can know whether we've done something good or bad.
Everyone sees things differently and jealousy also plays a big role in our life.
Its all depends on how we look at the criticism, we can choose to ignore it , but the best to do is to accept them as the motivation for us to better our life.
No matter their criticism is positive or negatively, that give us the opportunity to change it to perfection and better in everything, because things will only get improved after we've make some necessary changes.
Wise man always says "Let Results to silence the critics"
It is easy to criticize or belittle others, but by showing results there is very little to criticize on, and their criticism will be canceled out by the truth.
So we should thank them for their words of wisdom and to motivate us to do it even better than previous in the future.
Perhaps it is quite common for them to criticize others with either good or bad remarks but we should use it as the motivation to make room for changes with consistent improvements.
It takes great philosophy and literature to not see the criticism as a judgment order, so let us not be discouraged but rather urging ourselves to move forward with an incentive motivation.
We should demonstrate decisive and crucial results to motivate us for a better life, because it is especially vital to prevent further criticism by others.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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