A True Friend who Understands our Problems is the Most Valuable Asset.

A True Friend who Understands our Problems is the Most Valuable Asset

A life without friendship is like the sea without water, and that's impossible.
Faith, understanding and trust in each other with mutual respect are the basics of a friendship.
We can not choose Family but they also give us the same warm feelings as our friendship bond, and that is very important for a good everlasting relationship.
Understanding is the foundation of a relationship, it doesn't really matter how much respect and feelings will be there, but if we do not understand each other then all the trust will be lost in the course of time.
If we understand each other with how and why we talk or do things in a certain way then we've already won a lot of trust within a community.
Ask something if we do not really understand, or by telling what's in our heart, so we give each other the knowledge which is touched by our souls then they can know how we feel on that moment.
Ignorance will always arise discussions which will lead to nothing, so It is actually an obligation by nature for us to give a good explanation and to avoid debates against friends.
Take into consideration for each other's feelings, because interpretation is such a valuable thing in a friendship.
We have many friends, but there are only few of them who fully understand us, and therefore they are very valuable to us.
Those who understand and support us will always be there no matter we are under what circumstances.
Those are the ones we really need to be thankful for them from our hearts, they show the true friendship and concerned about us as a friend.
These people are precious in life and deserve all the respect for their concerns about others with the true nature of friendship.
We should take note that such people are very rare in our life and realize that if we meet them then they will be a valuable asset for us.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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