A Great Leader always Accept Full Responsibility and Respond with Courage.

A Great Leader always Accept Full Responsibility and Respond with Courage

Playing the leader or to be a ruler, is the big difference.
Leadership is about taking full responsibility to do so with courage and complete trust, a great leader does not like to make excuses, but looking for solutions and opportunities to improve further.
A great leader can always find solutions for every problems, if he/she does not know how to fix it , they will never be afraid to ask the help from people in their circle of life.
Strong together and unites unbeatable is the right expression that shows unity is power.
Leadership does not merely consist on commanding, but to improve everything together in the correct order in which everyone can benefit from it.
A leadership figure is a leader and ruler who can do everything together in every situation inside a community for an improvement.
He/she has the responsibility to confirm with a yes or no, and that may be used by themselves or another person in that community, any decision by them will benefit for the whole relationship.
100% stand behind every decision taken by them and they will not defense when making ​​mistakes but comes with a reasonable explanation with the facts and provide the solutions.
A leader who is there for others and not just of self-interest will always be an advocator for the best of their commune.
Never make unlawful decisions and not say yes when there are no provable facts for an improvement.
Take the full responsibility of a leadership functionality will give the power and permission to make decisions for others.
Those who cannot take the responsibility for the interests of their associates will never be a good leader.
It is not commendable to withhold this position with no accountability for its community and no liability feeling for others
The true leader will always take responsibility and be there for others to make a total assets improvement for everyone together in the society.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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