The Greatest Strength for Us is Our Ability to Persist.

The Greatest Strength for Us is Our Ability to Persist

The rights for existence is something that we all have, but it is in our own hand to persist this, and no one will protect us with only the slightest benefit for themselves.
When we are young, everything is easy because we get all the care from our parents and we actually have an easier life without heavy responsibilities.
But we will not always be immature and should growth as an adult to take care of ourselves.
Mature as we are, we then know now how difficult is to have a spacious living especially if we already have our own children and want to give them a proper development on their youth.
As the clock ticks at home, tap it anywhere.
And when we need to support our own family, the clock must continues ticking everyday.
When we have the opportunity to learn and gain enough intelligence, we will have many benefits to find ways and generate revenue, this will also give us an earlier opportunities or a good job.
We now live in a time when more and more people in the world are born everyday, and they continue to live longer.
However, there are not much of new opportunities because of revenue go down, thus the unemployment rate is rising.
Weather conditions in the world change and that does not seems to be optimistic thoughts to get more income and better prospects for our descendant.
Everything is out of balance in the global economic and hopes begin to vanish for majority of the population, because no matter how much they want to work or do something,  the possibilities still can be taken away from them if they are not there.
Of course there are some exceptions, but most of the population has to contend with this and its hard to see a way for improvements.
They have a standard income and do not see any possibility to earn extra no matter how hard they like to work or make an effort to get it.
We all have our limitations in our existence on earth, if we want to ensure a more extensive and luxurious life then of course our monthly fixed expenses will become higher.
The effect from want to having that is a higher income or capital, but then we also have to pay more for everything.
In order to accomplish it, that is going to give us the strength and ability to persist and survive.
No one has brought us into this world with bad intentions or not to take care us, but we all hope that there comes a time when we have our ability to provide some extra's with strength which enhance the existence of our parents.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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