Every Life is a Good Chance to Live with Pride and Dignity.

Every Life is a Good Chance to Live with Pride and Dignity

We have landed on this planet and everyone must live an independent life on a certain moment in their own way.
For some, it's easy and others might be having difficulty with it, so not everyone take their life seriously and some of them just don't care about the rules and laws.
These people do not have self-respect, so what can others expect from them?
They do not even have attention for the value of respectability, but prefer to speak only by themselves, because they not want to listen from anyone.
Only want to have a dominant position, but they do not realize the importance of that and just lose it because of their bad behavior.
In fact they may have enough capabilities to do it better, and  to be friendly will create friendships for them, but with their bad attitude will only generate more enemies.
By such behavior, they just knocks people away from them and then will be feeling lonely in the world.
If they are not friendly then it is impossible for them to make any friends .
Friendships are so important in our life to live by, so our free time can be spent in a joyful environment to have more fun.
Many relationships can be bond together closely with a sign of appreciation by others on our behavior which we can be proud of.
Our character and tribulations of life, together with the respect towards others is actually something we have to act in normal without thinking too much about that.
It give us so many more options and opportunities as we are kind with our statements and be respectful towards our buddy.
This also give us the opportunities when we need to improve something for ourselves, by meeting each other,  we can always help others for bringing the togetherness in our relationship.
Accept the dignity of life and seize the opportunity to comply with pride for each other.
Pride and dignity will never be lost by the time we spend with our friends.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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