Discipline is the Bridge Between our Target and Accomplishment.

Discipline is the Bridge Between our Target and Accomplishment

What we are doing is not a problem in life as long as we do something that we are interested in from our hearts then it will always be good for everything.
Our interest will also be involved in achieving the best results with same target.
With our perseverance and discipline, there is no bridge too far for us to score and accomplish a great result.
Everyone needs to achieve what we want in life, but self-discipline is very important because setbacks might happened sometimes and that requires courage to persevere.
Also windfalls will be there but they are easy to endure and will make everything  more enjoyable.
Without discipline, it is impossible to get the good results that we desire, and we will always have to deal with setbacks in life.
And we can then quickly lose courage causing by a rift in our plan which result in stress.
Psychologically, we will be confused, and do not know what to do with an immediate solution to the incident.
Even then, we still will find the possibility in our discipline and perseverance to succeed and achieve our target in an appropriate way by using the bridge.
Upon reaching our target market, everything will be simpler, because everyone will be interested in the same subject with us.
So in order to get the good end result, we will have to build a bridge that expected to reach our target with the disciplined performance by us.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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