Every Promise will Become Useless when its Cannot be Fulfilled.

Every Promise will Become Useless when its Cannot be Fulfilled

Humans increasing making their attempt to make each other happy can establish with nice words and promises, but a promise is a promise, and when we can not fulfill promises, silence is always a better answer.
Times are difficult and economy in the world also does not improve as the calculated expectations so people will always try to look for loopholes.
Speaking will be more sensitive and everything can be discussed until we arrive at the point where there is no turning back.
Promises change to perhaps and therefore also no more a guarantee for results, that's what they call modern business.
The word is no longer can be sure, so everything should be on paper with an authorized signature and if it goes wrong we are in our equated, but we have to go through years of litigation to get our rights back.
Where does it goes in the modern world if we no more can believe most of the people with their words?
Trust is still the foundation in a relationship, but where is the limit ?
If we are making a promise to a good friend and say OK we'll do it, so everything must be regulated with a contract by a certified person to confirm by oath, but then the friend maybe feeling offended.
It's not just for laughing but it must go with this way, and that's the way to protect useless words against each other these days.
No more can give each other a handshake after a spoken agreement is vanished and it is very unwise to do so, because trust will be abused in these days.
It is very exhausting and brings additional costs to us, because profits are shrinking and the whole things are time consuming.
The goodwill of the well-intention person all done with a handshake is not enough anymore, it's now changed into needing a signature with a official stamp to declare all legally competent.
As a result, each spoken promise on paper may prove legal effect and the words will be useless when a conflict situation has occurred.
Satisfactory agreements are concluded as it will be fruitful for the people who make a commitment to each other by fulfilling promises.
All other promises will be useless if that cannot be met and unusable by the legal power.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen
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